Sunday, April 22, 2012

Libertarian Presidential candidate Gary Johnson hits 6% in national poll

Former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson, whose campaign never caught fire in the early GOP primaries, is pursuing the Libertarian Party nomination.

I know, I know, you're thinking Bob Barr all over again.

But Johnson, while considerably more libertarian (though you can always find some libertarians to say that other libertarians aren't really libertarian) than either Obama or Romney, is an actual two-term governor whose positions are considerably more developed (one might say, "more mainstream") than prior libertarian candidates.

See them here.

What's interesting is not so much that recent poll reported by Hot Air shows:

Obama 47%
Romeny 42%
Johnson 6%

. . . because we can all generally depend on 5/6 of that early libertarian leaning to disappear as voting nears.  Right now he's probably the surrogate for "neither" rather than really collecting votes based on his record or what he stands for, because I doubt that 6% of the likely voters have ever heard of him.

But what's intriguing about this poll is that the internals suggest that Johnson is not so much drawing the Paul Ryan/Ayn Randist vote, but from folks who characterize themselves as "very liberal" and "somewhat liberal":

And, yes, granted, Gary is only polling a single point above undecided, but one can only hope that it is indicative of a growing number of people fed up with the limits of two-party choice.


If interested, see Gary's Delaware Facebook page.

h/t Independent Political Report

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