Sunday, April 15, 2012

Remind me again why we freed Kuwait from Iraq?

This latest news from Kuwait is worth noting:

Kuwaiti lawmakers voted in favour of a legal amendment on Thursday which could make insulting God and the Prophet Mohammad punishable by death, after a case of suspected blasphemy on Twitter caused an uproar in the Gulf Arab state.
Members of Parliament must vote on the proposal again in a second session and it would need the approval of the country’s ruler before becoming law.
The amendment was backed by 46 votes, while four opposed it and others abstained. Those in favour included all 15 members of the cabinet.

Why is this so important?  Because pretty much everywhere we've been in the Middle East, from Kuwait to Iraq to Egypt to Libya to Somalia to Syria to Iran, our inability to project our force as part of any sort of coherent, long-term strategy has had this major effect:

We have created sufficient motion toward destablization that we have created major openings for the influence of radical Islam and the ultimate creation of a cultural if not political Caliphate.

Here is a statement that ought to be included in any universal statement on human rights:

Blasphemy, criticism of religion or religious figures, or conversion from one religion to another should never represent an excuse for a state to charge, try, imprison, torture, or execute a person.

Any State which engages in such behavior is a terrorist state, with the victims being its own religious minorities.

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