Sunday, April 29, 2012

With a little help from my friends . . . .

Took a break from posting much of anything for most of yesterday because (pretty much the only important thing) we discovered that my twins' favorite uncle had to be rushed to the hospital when he collapsed, and was diagnosed with Stage 4 abdominal cancer.

Puts things in more perspective for you.

But Dana Garrett makes me smile by sending me the link to this cartoon about the varieties of Libertarians.

John Young pointed out to me that CSD school board candidate Shirley Saffer has in fact denounced the anti-Val Harris hate site.

Mrs. Saffer's statement is here; the only truly odd thing about it is Mrs. Saffer's apparent penchant for writing in the third person, but--hey--we all have our quirks, and given that Mrs. Saffer has done the right thing, who am I to throw participles?  Perhaps Ms. Harris will get the idea.

Thanks also to John for a really nice shout-out on Transparent Christina.

Kilroy and I are going through a really rocky time in our relationship, having ended up on different sides in the Red Clay election.  I should point out two things:  (1) I have never offered him a cup of coffee after the election; I don't drink the stuf, so that's not me; and (2) he did Charter School of Wilmington a great service by prompting the board to update its minutes' page in the interest of transparency.  And today he has the best assessment of the Pencader tragedy that I've read anywhere.

Blogging and elections, unfortunately, create gigantic but hopefully temporary chasms between passionate people, but I'm still not drinkin' coffee.

My friends at Kids Prefer Cheese capture the essence of why higher education costs are skyrocketing, a lesson that both UD and DSU could stand to examine.

And while we are in constant angst over little things like the future of public education, Hube reminds us that there are truly important issues out there to be considered, like why the last Star Trek TV show (Enterprise) bombed, and why that means we'll probably never see the original Trek universe on TV or in the movies again.

Which is as good an awkward segue as I can imagine for saying that my own little fan production, Star Trek:  Discovery--the Voyages of the Marie Curie, will be presenting its second installment (chapters 1 and 2 of episode 1) later this evening--for the four or five people in the country who might actually care.


Hube said...

That libertarians cartoon was pretty damn funny!

Steven H. Newton said...

What's great about the cartoon is that the Heinlein reader guy actually has the mustache and facial features to be a middle-aged Heinlein.

Dana Garrett said...

I like the missionary libertarian the best, although the left libertarian is very funny too. Steve, I'm.sorry to hear about your relative's illness. That's awful.

Ed Diagnostician said...


Now you have her attention:

Steven H. Newton said...

Thanks, John, I went by and left her a comment.