Saturday, April 14, 2012

OK I think it's really back this time . . .

. . . and I think I really am (despite some of the current negatives of the label) going to stick with being The Delaware Libertarian.

I tried a different blog, I tried a group blog, and I tried not blogging but just commenting a lot.

Somewhere on Delawareliberal about three years ago (no, I'm not going to be compulsive and track down a link) jason told a long-time blogger who quit that he was deluding himself, because this is addictive and he'd be back.  He's right.  Well, he's left, but he's still right on this one.

So I'm going to do this again and see what happens.  You'll notice about a half dozen posts below as I did some experimenting to see if I was really ready to do this.  Glance, enjoy, or be disgusted and leave (especially if non-reflective vaginas scare you).

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