Sunday, April 29, 2012

As he gets closer to the Libertarian nomination, Gary Johnson discovers . . .

. . . that the criticisms of a candidate don't have to make sense, they only have to fill up a news column.

Thomas Mullen, writing in the Washington Times Community pages, thinks Johnson is not really a libertarian, and that the Libertarian Party's

. . .  chief benefit has always been that it nominated candidates that libertarians could actually believe in, even if they weren’t going to win. 
I'd quote more, but Mullen is downright surly about threatening people who might reprint his words.

Anyway, Johnson's not enough of a purist for him, because even though he would cut the defense budget by over 40%, the former two-time New Mexico Governor won't actually make campaign statements forever explicitly ruling out the idea that he might someday under some circumstances actually use military force somewhere in the world.

Meanwhile, in the Las-Crucas Sun-News, Walter Rubel laments that Johnson didn't get enough done during his two terms (other than leaving a budget surplus) and that he wasn't blindly faithful to the idea of building the GOP:

"He never worked to build the Republican Party when he was governor," former state Rep. Richard P. Cheney of Farmington told Simonich. "From my viewpoint, he was more closely aligned with the Libertarian Party."
Ironically, Mr. Rubel's article is the perfect counterpoint to Mr. Mullen's, because Rubel inadvertently makes the point that Gary Johnson, ah, governed from a libertarian perspective.

So Gary Johnson both is and isn't a libertarian.

As far as I can see, this primarily means that Johnson is actually starting to draw some significant attention.

You can tell that when pundits start looking for any critical angle they can find, once they stop ignoring you.


kavips said...

In a truly Libertarian society, Sir Thomas Mullen is entitled to voice his opinion. But, from what I read, it is his, and only his opinion... As an opinion, he, like each one of us, is entitled to having it. In that regard, it is his duty to sound that opinion out there to see if it sticks. Sort of like throwing mud against a wall to see if enough lasts that someone will see it on the 'morrow.

If it is any consolation, my cat is a libertarian. We've never talked about it, but judging from my cat's behavior and my cat's actions, I would classify him as such......

From what little I know of my cat, I think my cat would thoroughly appreciate discussing this further with Mr. Mullen...

Would it be possible through your connections with him that we could arrange it, possibly putting the debate on YouTube?

The moral of this story, is not to attack Mr. Mullen. But ridicule the stuff he says. (Unless of course, my cat approves....)

Eric Dondero said...

In 1980, I was weeks away from bootcamp in the US Navy. They had a voting booth at the entrance to Newark High School. I was just about to turn 18. Birthday Nov. 21. I begged the voting officials to let me vote. I wanted to vote Libertarian Ed Clark/David Koch.

I am a Libertarian today because of the Libertarian Party of Delaware, 1980s.

Clark/Koch got 1 million votes. Best LP showing ever.

I will bet anyone, that Johnson/Gray will far exceed that.

And since I live in a very Pro-Republican State - Texas - voting LP is not a problem. I might very well be a "Republican for Johnson/Gray 2012." Great ticket!