Friday, July 17, 2009

Delaware Dem endorses Libertarian Wendy Jones in the 19th State Senate Race

No secret that DelDem and I have our issues, but it would be churlish of me not to acknowledge his classy cross-party endorsement of 19th District Libertarian State Senate candidate Wendy Jones over at Delawareliberal:

You know, I am now rooting for Wendy Jones to win this race. It would be something. A shot in the arm for Libertarians, a death blow to conservative Democrats and Republicans a like. This country and state need an honest and strong opposition party, and the Republicans are neither. It is time for the Libertarians to rise.

DD also joined me (I can't find the link right this second) in noting that Polly ADAMS Mervine's campaign website was--charitably--a bit short in the issues department.

Thank you, DelawareDem, for this statement of support for a new multi-party system.

Who says we cannot find agreement in the Delaware blogosphere?

Although I don't really think kavips' call for a blogosphere political party is going to take off anytime soon.


Nancy Willing said...

No, Kavips is oft in the 'osphere part of things. Beautifully wrought impossibilities...oh well.

Wendy Jones might have a chance.

It is an unusual election in that there can be only one player from each party with each under a ferociously brief timeline. Can the Libertarian withstand established party infrastructure?

I guess it will come down to 'what have they done for me, lately?'.

Anonymous said...

reminds me of a Libertarian friend of mine who always votes Democrat.

Hi reason is that it will hasten the downfall of the Federal Government. He believes total collapse is the only cure.

Brad said...

I attended the candidates' debate earlier tonight at Crossroads Community Church in Georgetown. The most disappointing aspect of this was Polly leaving the debate after the opening speech that was given by the candidates. She stated that she had"prior committments" that would not allow her to stay for the rest of the debate. Meanwhile, Wendy gave an fine effort in this debate despite being in pain from back disc surgery just 4 days earlier. It was obvious who the more dedicated candidate was..certainly not the one who didn't have the respect to provide the constitutents a chance to find her true stands on any issues.