Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Environmental eliminationist bumper sticker in Colorado?

Traveling in Colorado today I fell in line behind an SUV with two bumper stickers.

One was a left-over Obama/Biden campaign sticker, and the other was this:

Obviously, this is a hate-filled person who needs to be sent to a FEMA Camp for political re-education. Maybe Colorado should include this particular bumper sticker in a Homeland Security Advisory. Because, after all, eliminationist speech IS hate speech, and we all know that hate speech is not protected speech.

Or maybe the folks in danger of blowing out an aneurism over some twit in Virginia's 99th State House District talking about the bullet box ought to ... you know: get a life or lighten up.

By the way, you can order your environmentalist eliminationist bumper sticker threatening the lives of land developers here.

Buy six and you get a ten percent discount.


Anonymous said...

Why in the world did you go to Boulder? No libertarian should ever go to Boulder. It's way too depressing.

Steve Newton said...

Where exactly did I say I went to Boulder?

Anonymous said...

It was just a guess based on what you saw. Us Coloradoans know to stay away from there whenever possible.

Mike W. said...

Must be from those "Right-Wing Extremist hate groups" we keep hearing about.