Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wendy Jones: Attracting even more attention....

... probably because she's got the courage to point out the obvious.

The WNJ runs a story on the failure of Democratic candidate Barbie [Polly Adams Mervine, as channeled by her husband and other stand-ins] failing to show up for debates, and it's not Republican Joe Booth but Wendy Jones, Libertarian State Senate candidate in Delaware's 19th District, who steps to the plate:

"At the risk of being a little critical, I'd say it was bordering on arrogant and irresponsible for her not to appear," said Libertarian candidate Wendy Jones, who attended last week's forum despite having undergone back surgery a few days prior. "I can only guess that maybe she's hoping to ride in on her daddy's coattails to office."

Meanwhile, Independent Political Report runs its third story on the Wendy Jones candidacy, and--locally--Delawareliberal blogger jason is apparently so embarrassed by his Go Wendy Jones! endorsement that he has to pen a ridiculous post condemning Libertarians that contradicts his own words from three months ago.

Maybe jason would care to explain how having his own party nominating a woman afraid to answer questions on the issues except through her husband is an indicator that his own party does not suck.

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