Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Speaking of thin resumes: meet Polly "A New Generation of Leadership" Adams Mervine

When I ran my original post about 19th District Libertarian State Senate candidate Wendy Jones, at least one of my regular commenters carped that she had a rather mediocre to non-existent record of public service or public policy experience [discounting her work with 2nd Amendment groups, LGBT groups, and the Sussex Mobility Consortium]. But now that I see Democrat ["Don't I look a lot like Sarah Palin"] Polly ADAMS Mervine's resume from her campaign website, I get it completely:

Family: Husband S. Jay Mervine,

Pilot, American Airlines

Marine Capt. Desert Storm

Son Stephen J. Mervine, Jr.,

9th grade Sussex Tech

Graduate Eagles Nest Christian Academy

Greenwood Mennonite School

Occupation: Co-owner Fauxbulous FX, Inc.

Previous 2nd grade teacher North Laurel Elementary School

Previous English teacher All Nippon Airways in Okinawa, Japan

Education: Elementary Education Teaching Certification—East Carolina Univ. ‘91

Bachelor of Fine Arts from Virginia Commonwealth Univ. ‘86

Woodbridge High School ‘82

Activities/Community Involvement:

Member Union United Methodist Church

Former Children’s Church Coordinator

Board Member Clear Space Productions

Founder Fund For Women

Former Board Member Delaware Pain Initiative

Founding Sister-Epsilon Gamma Chapter of Alpha Sigma Alpha ‘84

Let's see: she's been a 2nd Grade Teacher, attends church, and served as a board member for a couple of charities. Yep. Got it. Oh, yeah: she helped found an ASS--oops, I mean ASA--chapter. Unfortunately, she hasn't actually taken time to put down anything about her stance on the issues.

Now I can see why some people might be just so bowled over that they'd say, Who needs an election? The obvious intellectual and philosophical strength of the Delaware Democratic Party is on display right here. Let's just give her that crown she should have had in the Miss Delaware pageant. Strange, 3rd place in Miss Delaware [what year was that?] ain't on the list of achievements.

Wendy Jones has actually had a life of hard work, and has actually posted a platform on the issues:

Petition/Referendum: As your state senator, Wendy pledges to support the introduction of the use of petition and referendum on the ballot; in the meantime, Wendy pledges to sponsor and introduce any legislation supported by a certain percentage of the registered voters within the area involved.

Prevailing Wage: Replace the current process with a competitive, sealed-bid procedure by private industries, promoting fair market value for your hard earned tax dollars.

Gun Control: “In my opinion, gun control should be defined as a steady aim. What part of ’shall not be infringed’ do they not understand? The Second Amendment guarantees the rest, being necessary to the security of a free state, and as a last resort against tyranny in government.” - Wendy Jones

School Vouchers: Citizens have the right to choose how and where their children are educated, whether it be public, private, charter, parochial, or home. Furthermore, their school tax dollars should be applied to whichever is their choice. Those citizens having no eligible children should pay no school taxes.

Tenth Amendment: Fight to restore and defend the state’s and people’s rights as guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution in the face of a virtual irrelevance by our centralized national government.

Term Limits:Wendy proposes that no elected office be held for over two consecutive terms without vacating that position for a third term, after would they will be free to run for that office again. She includes herself in that proposal.

Illegal Immigration: Enhance and expand enforcing existing laws, by maximizing fines and other sanctions against offending employers.

Property Rights: The right to private ownership of property is the basic foundation on which this country was built. There can be no better stewards than those private owners; land is not inherited from our ancestors but borrowed from our children.

Gay Marriage: I oppose all government interference between the freedom of choice for consenting adults to freely contract within the sanctity of their home and their church.

You may or may not agree with all (or any) of her positions, but at least she's actually telling people about what she'd do as State Senator--not just why Daddy's little darling deserves, Biden-like, to continue the legacy....


Nancy Willing said...

Ruh roh, DEMs. Will people vote vapid?

I fear that since Joe Booth and Thurm Adams were close both personally and ideologically...and if Booth takes the Senate seat, the GOP is much more worried that his then-open House seat would go DEM and give them the super-majority in that chamber...that the GOP isn't going to give Polly much of a fight. They won't care too much if Opaliski or Jones taps conservatives.

Hube said...

Nancy -- didn't you vote for Beau Biden??

Anonymous said...

She should write either "I'm Thurm Adams' daughter" or "I want a lifelong job with no stress and great benefits"

Nancy Willing said...

Yup, in protest of a stupid GOPer campaign.

Hube said...

Yup, in protest of a stupid GOPer campaign.

So, IOW, your vote was "vapid" and as stupid as you claim Wharton's campaign was.

Amazing. That was one of the few races where there was such a disparity in the candidates' experience, yet you chose the vastly inferior candidate ... why, again? Maybe a little specificity would be in order.

Anonymous said...

I just didn't get the relevancy of naming the educational lineage of her CHILD. I was way confused. No money from me, Daniello will have to bankroll this one, AGAIN.