Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy Fourth of July, suckers....

Not to duplicate what Shirley has already covered at the Curmudgeon, but RG at Big Bend Bikers for Freedom has a kick-ass column on the futility of celebrating our independence as a people when we routinely acquiesce to our own chains.

Here's the merest snippet:

So this Independence day, those that will bother, will sing songs and give speeches glorifying our Freedom, our Independence. We will wave flags and pay hollow honors to those who have died to protect what others have died to give us. We will puff our chests with pride and glory.

Then come Monday we will meekly return to subservience declaring our distaste for politics, i.e. excuse for not taking action, allowing all that Jesus and other liberators stood for, all that this country stood for, all that generation after generation of American Soldiers have died for, to go straight to fucking hell!

And then get indignant should someone suggest, that maybe we ain't so patriotic after all.......

The only problem, RG, is that far too many people who read your post will actually think that government bail-outs, stimulus packages, public option health care plans, trampling civil liberties in the name of freedom, and a military interventionist foreign policy are expressions of our freedom as a people and not the death of them.

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Miko said...

July 4, 1776 was the day that the Declaration of Independence was signed. There was still the little matter of a war before anything happened.

If someone thinks of July 4 as Independence Day, they're tacitly viewing it as over and done. (Indeed, this is why the government calls it that, as well as why they celebrate Labor Day instead of May Day.) I prefer to remember that July 4 is actually just Declaration Day.