Saturday, July 11, 2009

Making stuff up: what you do when you've got nothing

I tried. I was going to let this abyssmal, ignorant post by donviti at Delawareliberal go by without comment. Really.

But there are just so many things wrong about An Awful Christian Ritual That Needs to Be Stopped from the man whose infantile rants are somehow treated as either real commentary or legitimate attempts at literary posturing by his co-bloggers, that I couldn't pass it by.

In this post donviti--who claims once to have been Catholic and should therefore know better--terms circumcision a Christian ritual, which it is not.

But watch him bristle should anyone point out his ignorance or suggest that some of his writings tend to be ... anti-Catholic.

In this post donviti--whose source of record is a blatantly anti-Semitic urban-rumor type post at the Daily Kos--passes off as true the myth that Jewish children are circumcised by an adult sucking on their penises.

Circumcision is a serious issue for a lot of folks, and there is a reasoned Libertarian case to be made against it as well as one that can be made for it. That case isn't made in a post where faux outrage and pretend moral superiority are substituted for ... pretty much anything.

Somebody seems to have had his forebrain trimmed back instead of his foreskin.


Nancy Willing said...

huh. You do have a way with the links. I hadn't read any of those post's threads.

What is that phrase I'm looking for for DV? ....teh stupid, it burns.

IMO, organized religion's main function is to foster altruistic behavior by way of getting control of one's ego. Civilized populations depend on it.

Ego check? DV, DD never got the memo. In fact, one could almost extrapolate from that site that the Catholic Way fails miserably to that end.

Delaware Dem said...

I voiced my disagreement, and a number of the commentators debunked DV, so relax.

Hey Nancy! Still bigoted against gays, are you?

Hube said...

Hey Del Dem? Still advocating murder for those who disagree w/you, scumbag?

Nancy Willing said...

hmmm, DD's disjointed brain is at it again.

DD, I'm not against gays just people who use the gay lobby for their dirty politics, dear. But you knew that.

Btw, how does an examination of the irregularities in human character that easily arise from the Catholic Way translate into bigotry against gays? I am assuming that this lie about me is your rationale for the Dellies' latest: "Nancy is dead to us". Yeesh.

How on earth did you muster the wherewithall to pass the bar? Your impulsivity and frequent incoherence do not a lawyerly soul make.

Hugh7 said...

The sucking is not a myth. It's called metzitzah b'peh (search on that if you doubt it) and it used to be mainstream but it's now only done by the most ultra-hasidic. There was a scandal in New York about it in 2005 after three babies died from herpes, probably caught from the same mohel, but only token measures were taken against it. Babies are probably so traumatised by circumcision itself that - herpes aside - it probably makes little difference.

How can there be a libertarian case for circumcision, unless children are somehow their parents' property and lack individuality or individual rights up to a certain age? If so, what is that age, and who decides? If your body is not your own property, what is?

Nancy Willing said...

DD --you 'expressed your disagreement' only after you read this post on Delaware Libertarian...seeing as how you cited this post within your 'disagreement'. RIDICULOUS.

Where are any of you when DV stepped it up in two subsequent posts --one of which DV mocks the miscarrages of RWR's wife.