Thursday, July 9, 2009

SCCORing Libertarian Wendy Jones at the 19th District Candidate Forum

Longtime Sussex County Libertarian activist Wendy Jones has declared for what I guess has to be called the Thurman Adams memorial family-owned State Senate seat, and attended the candidate forum hosted by SCCOR along with GOPer Joe Booth.

Here are the reviews from the SCCOR discussion site regarding how well the audience thought she did:

The libertarian (candidate?) had more open and honest responses instead of a lot of sound bite monitoring and party-line bullcrap that Mr. Booth's answers resembled.


"Wendy" Jones, the Libertarian candidate, for I believe she is running, I thought she did a GREAT job. I wish I lived in that district so I could vote. It's not fair. Wendy would have my vote in a heartbeat. Regardless of her political experience, I felt she represented MY opinions very well.


I liked most of Wendy's answers too...the delivery wasn't great...doesn't bother me but it could hurt her chances.


Wendy had better "lines" but they were lost in her...weird? Who's quick on their feet and can put together something memorable? We need that person to run.


I think that Wendy resonated well with the crowd.... Knah is correct when he indicates that Wendy is not a polished speaker, and sadly this may effect her run. This is a shame, because she truly seems to have the people as the soul of her campaign. I hate to admit that it may take someone practiced and polished to run a successful campaign against the liberal thinkers. The Democratic party is very good at choosing such people.

Important ideas for Delaware Libertarians here, even considering the heavy social conservative bias of SCCOR:

1) Libertarian ideas do matter: Wendy apparently reached a number of people by simply answering their questions, which is behavior different enough from polished campaigners to attract notice, but....

2) We're going to have to work at packaging ourselves, our message and our candidates better no matter what. Ask yourself: how many of the millions who voted for either McCain or Obama actually really knew anything beyond sound bites about their stances on policy? Like it or not, if we're going to compete in the elective arena, we're going to have to play that game as well.

3) The 19th District, with four candidates in the game now, is a nice open race and a big chance for Wendy, Brian Shields, and our Sussex County Libertarians to get out there with a message that (a) the Delaware Way should no longer allow hereditary Senate seats and that (b) there are a lot more options available than voting yourself new masters from different wings of the Demopublican Party.

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