Friday, March 28, 2008

Apparently Lacking Real Crime, NYC Decides to Make Conversation Illegal . . .

. . . at least in theaters or other public events.

According to Liberty for All,

Move over, Miss Manners, politicians want to start correcting people’s rude behavior - at least when it comes to talking on a cell phone.

In New York, the City Council is considering the nation’s first law banning cell phone calls during indoor performances such as movies, concerts and Broadway plays. Call it cell phone etiquette for the chattering class.

The measure, expected to be approved in December, would impose a $50 fine on anyone who uses a cell phone - or fails to turn off the ringer.

Can you picture it?

Imagine every movie theater equipped with phone fighters who dash down the aisle every time a ringer goes off - flashlight in hand - then demand a drivers license from the offender and issue a ticket.

With an army of cell phone cops disturbing the peace, patrons would long for the days when a cell phone ringer was their greatest annoyance.

Another consequence: Diverting officers to “phone patrol” means less manpower to fight real crimes. Shouldn’t protecting people from murder, rape, and robbery get a higher priority than issuing cell phone citations during Harry Potter?

This is where we're headed in this country.


Waldo said...

I'd go for this scheme any day. The alternative is a form of citizens' arrest where I can throttle the bastards with my bare hands.

Brian said...

Or with your own digital camera. If someone wants to be big brother, we can be millions of little brothers.

So if someone rings the phone and it annoys you, or is yacking and annoying you, why not just stare at them until they stop it, or record a video of it on your phone and post it on You Tube.

Shirley Vandever said...

This is nuts. It is simply trying to regulate rudeness, which is kind of like regulating humanity.

I try the "stare down" technique on the train when I'm trying to read, but apparently I don't have a very intimidating look. I think Waldo's solution is the best.

We don't go to the movie theatre for these very reasons. We just wait till it comes out on DVD.

I'm also waiting for a fine on unattractive people. The are so annoying.