Friday, March 14, 2008

Officer Nanny in America . . . It's not just for the Brits, you know

I always have to restrain myself from running every new post on Nanny Knows Best (like the recent one on town governments in Great Britain that have actually banned fire extinguishers) because, well, you know--it's not here.

But then, from Cao's Blog there's this one from Illinois during last Christmas season:

Coyne, 36, was arrested Dec. 8 outside a Crestwood Wal-Mart after a police officer found her 2-year-old daughter Phoebe asleep in her locked station wagon. While Phoebe slept, Coyne took her two other daughters and a friend to donate change to the Salvation Army bell ringer outside the store.

Surveillance video showed she was away from the car less than four minutes and never went in the store. The car was always in her sight. A Crestwood police officer arrested her, cuffing her and placing her in the back of a squad car while the three older children stood under a Wal-Mart awning, confused and crying during a sleet storm.

Eventually, the charges were dropped, but give me a break....

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