Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Mobile Death Vans: A New Capitalistic Venture

Under the Rubric Things That Really Scare Me:

I introduce to you the fact that in China today they have mobile death vans for political dissidents. This can include anyone who disagrees with or cannot pay off a corrupt local police chief all the way through real terrorists who attack municipal buildings and facilities. It is often accused of being used on practitioners of outlawed cult-like religions. A more horrifying use of state control over human life, as far as I can see, has not yet been developed. One can only hope it is being used responsibly for murderers and others deemed worthy of state sanctioned murder in the Chinese penal code.

By all means these mobile death vans have been profitable. Yes it may sound like libertarian paranoia, but how long before we have the same and feel the same chill when the "death wagons" come rolling into town? It scares the hell out of me.

The Jinguan Group who makes these is a global player:

Since established in 1992, through 10 years of development, Jinguan technology Group has been developed into a large-sized high tech joint-stock enterprise integrated with special research, manufacture and marketing of bulletproof currency-carrying car, wideband network,digitalized monitoring system, bulletproof materials and product.With 50 million Yuan of registered capital, Jinguan group covers an area of more than 200,000 square meters. It has about 500 staffs, including more than 100 experts engaging in the research of ballistic mechanics, analysis of chemical industry, research of arms and satellite communications fields etc., with annual output of RMB500 million Yuan, its manufacturing and marketing capacity is ranking top in China for latest three years among its peers. All of its products have been widely used in finance, insurance, public security, traffic, medical treatment, IT and national defense fields etc.

Now, Jinguan Group has become a key production enterprise in Chinese security protection field, had won titles of State-Level Key New & High-Tech Enterprise, State-Level Key Enterprise of Torch Program and Customer Trust-Worthy Enterprise, also, it contribute a lot for expansion and industrialization of patents in China is a advanced unit of the demonstration work of promoting patent technology industrialization in the country.

Established in: 1992
Capital: 6 million
Annual Sales: 60 million
No. of Employee: 500
Business types:
OEM Manufacturer;Exporter/Agent;
North America;South America / Caribbean;West Europe;East Europe / Russia;East Asia;Southeast Asia;Mid-East / Africa;China / Hong Kong

Adding only to my fears that the terrorism industry is outstripping the real threat of terrorism.

If you feel the need to buy a mobile death van, you can leave a message for their business and sales manager at their website here: http://bigbigbozo.en.ec21.com/company_info.jsp

Whatever happens, let's hope that America never chooses to use their services.

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