Thursday, March 27, 2008

Bob Marley in Delaware

It is a little known historical fact that reggae superstar Bob Marley and part of his family live in Delaware. Not only that, but they run Tuff Gong clothing.

On his website it points out that:

Bob's mother, Cedella, had remarried and moved to Delaware in the United States where she had saved sufficient money to send her son an air ticket. The intention was for Bob to start a new life. But before he moved to America, Bob met a young girl called Rita Anderson and, on February 10, 1966, they were married.

Marley's stay in America was short-lived. He worked just enough to finance his real ambition: music. In October 1966 Bob Marley, after eight months in America, returned to Jamaica. It was a formative period in his life.

Every year we hold the People's Festival to honor Bob Marley and his contribution to Delaware's cultural heritage.

The first time I was in the hospital, Bob's aunt was my nurse and as a 10 year old I had the biggest crush on her....ahh the good old days....

His mother's house is still in Wilmington. The family bought a home that still stands at 2313 Tatnall Street and members of the extended family continue to live here and work for social justice.


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