Monday, March 17, 2008

At Least There is Something We do Not Need to Worry About....

....Or do we. A friend of mine reminded me that playing a prostitute on TV or in the movies is very different from actually having to live through that life. In a movie an actress can feel sexy, sensual and beautiful and does not feel the same terrible sadness and often horror that many women who are hookers do feel. If you capture that sense of desperation, and isolation you should win a Oscar.

And if you are a hooker, a real one, you know exactly what I am talking about. You'd say, "maybe lose a few teeth or get a nice scar after an angry trucker gives you the monkey wrench love tango. Of course that will lower your price and you will no longer be able to claim the mantle, high priced." For anyone who has seriously studied the issue, within the context of prostitution, sex can be nothing more than violence. It is a sad reality.

It is a sad reality that men subject women to this or that women agree to it in the first place. It often goes hand and hand with drug addiction and trafficking. Pimps like guns- because to traffic in human beings you need power over them and what better way to find your inner pimp then buy a Smith & Wesson or Glock and threaten those around you with it. You know, "you gotta keep em in line, yo." A statement I actually heard at the doctor's office.

I know it may sound a little moralistic, but men and women out there why not try loving each other. That seems to work out OK in the end. Some people out there would give their left nut for real love and that is what pimps prey on right?

But being a high priced call girl is a little different. If ever there was a victimless crime, this is it. It still does not exclude the fact that women used in this way have serious emotional and often mental problems as a result, but it does give one the comfort of knowing, "at least they are well paid." You get to sleep with politicians, and ministers, and rich old pervs. It is not a bad gig when you have 80K in graduate school bills is it? It is like being an insane housewife from one of the square states- with the exception that there is more variety than a loopey soccer mom's sugar dad.

Anyway, it is much easier than playing a real prostitute in a movie or on TV, or having the chutzpah to try to win an Oscar.

I want to contrast two very different stories that are related in a quirky way to corruption in one state and prostitution in another.

The first about the unlikelihood of high priced prostitution in Delaware:

The second is about convicted businessman from Delaware who sent over $150,000 likely to a "high priced hooker" in Las Vegas.

I wonder if he sent his money to the "Love Ranch?"

No, not the one that breeds llamas.

Or the one that breeds rabbits.

You see, Delaware is such a small state, we are far too smooth to have brothels here when when the drunk or horny can solicit them from Philadelphia, New Jersey, New York or Las Vegas.

Wonderful idea but not very discreet in the age of immediately identifiable electronic transfers and video cameras, if you ask me...but what do I know?

Of course, I always recommend that if you plan to engage in salacious behavior whether you are a politician or not you visit the blog "Meat" for how to protect yourself from the less than pleasant "gifts" of prostitution....

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