Friday, March 14, 2008

Why Simon is angry at the Queen....

.....and why you should be angry at Her Majesty's Northern Rock bank.

The Northern Rock bank scandal rocked the world of finance, but what most Americans do not realize is that the credit crunch and much of the housing market meltdown may be traced to Northern Rock in Scotland and England. Many of our market assets are held in trading that is global, and naturally much of it belongs to England. Parts of the housing market especially. So, while Simon is angry, and ranting, about an oath of allegiance, I am upset with Her Majesties' financial markets. Anyone from England out there who can kindly ask her to fix them for the United States?

For the Simon's rant of a lifetime:

For Background Analysis of the Northern Rock Scandal:

How this Had an Effect on Our Markets and the Global Economy:

With the Special Edition of Australian Asian Review to Emphasize how this has rippled through other markets:

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Waldo said...

Sorry, but this post makes little sense. The BBC article link doesn't talk about Northern Rock's supposed agitation of US financial markets. The other link is to an incoherent rant.All in all, not quite the level of content regular readers are accustomed to seeing. Maybe a do-over is indicated.