Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Who knew you couldn't buy Guinness in Alabama? We got to help those folks....

I recognize that the posts often come fast and furious around here, but if you think we're prolific you should check out Third Party Watch. Mostly it's good coverage of all the minor parties around the country, but occasionally Stephen slips in something really hilarious and biting at the same time.

In this case it's a video from "Save the Hops," a grassroots Alabama group that has been lobbying the General Assembly to change restrictions on alcohol content in beer so that imported beers can legally be sold in the state.

Who knew?

The video is about six and one-half minutes long, and cuts in pieces of the actual House debate along with not-so-subliminal messages from STH about the issue.

For no other reason it is worth watching for what happens around 5:33....

If you don't watch it now, it will be in his (and my) archives before you know it....

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tom said...

I don't know the situation now, but a few years ago when I was briefly living in Tulsa, OK they still had some vestiges of the 3.2 nonsense.

You could buy real beer, but only at places with a more expensive license, and if the brewer made a watered down version, you couldn't get the full strength variety.

Imagine my amusement when they told me that Rolling Rock was an imported beer (and they were serious too--it cost the same as Guinness).

If I remember correctly from an Economist article I read back then, it was Mississippi that took the prize for dumbest alcohol laws though. Among other things, you could only buy liquor in one ounce "Airplane Bottles".