Friday, March 28, 2008

ATHF- Around the Horn Friday, Black Market Edition

OK boys and girls, you are at my tender mercies and I am going to sell you the goods faster than a South East Asian pirate sells spare boat parts at a floating marine market. That is, even faster than our politicians sell votes to lobbyists. Maybe.

This week's best story goes to Duffy who has a piece on why there is a Thieves Market located a few blocks from the UN. While over at Down with Absolutes, Mat Marshall has been sold as the youngest communications director ever to Karen Hartley-Nagle. Congratulations Mat you are going to be a national figure soon!

Delaware Liberal is bashing (un) "free" markets and that bastion of corporatism Walmart for selling out a woman who was paralyzed and they are sure someone owns Dave Burris.

Shirley at Delaware Curmudgeon is selling something that we really need, wind power.

Dana at Delaware Watch is selling us the fact that no one from the Delaware GOP wants to run for governor. Mike Protack asks, "Dana why did you forget me? I am running."

Kavips, continues to send out a beacon call for independents, to sway the political winds of the state.

Over at FSP (Sorry Dave I like the old school) David and the guys are cutting the hell out of the budget so we don't buy too much. And William Chandler made a guest appearance to call for a reasonable approach to the politics of development in lower Delaware. A voice of reason? Wow. Moving on....

At the Colossus of Rhodey, Hube is ripping the ignorant, but I still can't get his site to work. Hmmm. Wonder why?

While taking on the complex problem of Mid-East Peace, apparently Nancy stole George W. Bush's monogrammed bath robe. Good Job Nancy.

Jokers to the Right have been on spring break but have some interesting articles about state-wide politics. Buying all the good stuff I suppose....

Finally Waldo is taking aim at Sally Kern for comparing homosexuals to terrorists. They are not- everybody knows they all want to be firemen, Indian chiefs, construction workers and pirates....who can tell me I'm wrong? Anyway, nobody shops more than a bitchy queen boy when they are really frustrated, screw that Kern lady. She needs to get laid.

You'll have to trust me on this one.

And be prepared this Saturday morning, Tommywonk, Shirley and Dace will be on WILM 1450 AM to discuss all the things that need discussing.

While Becky the Girl in Shorts always discusses what I like....And I was worried about the relationship between men and women...

Before you leave the market make sure to check out Steve, Tyler and my idiosyncratic Libertarian rantings and drug legalization arguments.....we have been jamming all the goods into this black market blog.

While Tyler got the big headlines this week by announcing that Tom Ross will running for the GOP chairmanship, let's hope he pirates the party for the Libertarians.....And Steve's brilliant analysis of exactly how much property the government landlord owns is worth more than a read, well, it is brilliant. Good job Prof.

It's been fun, before you go remember to take this weekend to reflect on all the things we will have to write about next week.

Next week, I nominate Jason330 at Delaware Liberal for Around the Horn Friday, unless Dave Burris wants to do it....Peace out.


Tyler Nixon said...

Nicely done, Brian.

liberalgeek said...

Good work, Brian. Sorry we didn't see you last night.

Brian said...

I am sorry I couldn't make it!! I was looking forward to it too, but had something personal to take care of....

Hube said...

Colossus won't appear correctly if you use IE 7.0. Use Firefox or an older version of IE.

Thanks for including us. ;-)

cassandra m said...

Excellent job, Brian!