Thursday, December 11, 2008

Guess the source for this slam on Obama's reaction to the Blogo scandal

No cheating! Do not run the text in Google or anything. Here it is:

The scandal has cast a cloud over Obama's triumphal march to inauguration day in January.

Not that Obama had any dealings with Blagojevich over the senate seat.

The two men are not close politically or personally - in fact, Blagojevich reportedly referred to Obama by a very inappropriate word in the already famous tapes. I'll bet Obama was never so happy to be publicly cursed.

But having the media ask: "What did he know and when did he know it?" before even taking office is not an ideal way to spend the next couple of weeks, as Ron Brownstein of the National Journal pointed out.

The media attention is negative, distracting from Obama's carefully orchestrated pre-presidency and reminding voters that he did, after all, get his start in the fetid milieu of Chicago politics.

Obama's tepid "it would be inappropriate to comment" response to the Blago bombshell was inadequate.

As the Republican Party chairman quite rightly pointed out, it was "vague and carefully parsed".

It smacked too much of the old, no-accountability politics of the past. Obama needs to do more, and to make absolutely clear that no scandal-tinged figures in the Democratic Party will be permitted to hold powerful posts.

Well, who do you think would write this about the President-Elect?

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tom said...

No clue who, but it reads like a foreign news source, perhaps from The Economist, or maybe Al Jazeera -- you quote them pretty often.