Sunday, December 28, 2008

Eric Dondero labels all who oppose Iraqi War as Nazis or Stalinists...

...although he does it on the comments page, rather than have the fortitude to do so in a post:

Actually Stefan, IMHO, being Anti-Iraq War, is not just "extremely Leftwing," but very close to Nazi or Stalinist Authoritarian.

If you oppose the War in Iraq, you are essentially saying "I support Saddam Hussein, and wish he was still President of Iraq."

Recall Hussein was a Hitler worshipper, even knelt down 4 times a day in his Uncle's hut, to a large portrait of the Nazi leader, with candles around him.

So, being Anti-War in Iraq, is not so much "extremist," more Hitler-like.

I mention this because Eric likes to drop by here and call people names when they don't agree with him, like when he's running outrageous, manufactured stories about WMDs found in Iraq (the Tuwaitha yellowcake that Dubya himself handed back to the Iraqi security forces as no threat [we'd known about it since 1991]), support for the racist Sonny Landham as the Libertarian Senatorial candidate in Kentucky, or his whining proclamation that November 4, 2008, was The Day American Died.

Eric Dondero's America is populated not by citizens with different points of view, but with real Americans under constant siege by internal Stalinists, Nazis, punks, and whiners. The democratic process, to Eric, is only valid when it returns the result that he prefers. Every time it doesn't, that's prima facie evidence that evil people are about to take over.

I will, with pride, wear Eric's insult that I am a Nazi for opposing an interventionist foreign policy.

If he thought I was doing something right, I'd be worried.


Eric Dondero said...

Yup, that about sums it up.

I'd add on caveat though. There are a tiny handful of libertarians who oppose the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan for purely fiscal reasons. They are concerned about the rise of Islamo-Fascism, but truly honestly believe the financial costs of full-blown War are just too great to the American taxpayers.

These folks deserve my respect, and I do not put them in the same Fascist-loving category of Anti-War Libertarians who are pacifist or non-interventionist on all matters.

Didn't occur to me to make this a front page article, but since you mentioned it, maybe I'll elaborate and turn it into one for the future.

Eric Dondero said...

Well then Newton, you ought to be worried, cause IMHO you are doing at least one thing right.

I can't figure out why, you truly have me puzzled here, but there's a side of you that's open to Libertarians running for office as Republicans, or as dual-party candidates.

The Rhode Island Libertarian Party does this too. Maybe it's a tiny State deal?

But on this one item, I heartily applaud you and the Delaware Libertarian Party.

I only wish more State Libertarian Parties would follow your example.

Steven H. Newton said...

Ahh, damn. Now I'm worried.

Anonymous said...

To his credit, Mr. Dondero is gainfully empoyed; at least, he was when I met him.

To their entire lack of credit he is gainfully employed at least part of the time by the Libertarian National Committee...

I am entirely in favor of the thought of Republicans running from Libertarians, for example, fleeing to North Korea to escape Libertarian war crimes prosecutors.

Brian Miller said...

I wouldn't take Mr. Dondero Rittberg too seriously. He's not even taken seriously by the pro-war "Libertarians." That's pretty far out! ;)

Anonymous said...

Saddam Hussein is dead. I think it very possible that as a dead man he would be a better ruler for Iraq than what they have now.

News flash: Saddam Hussein is still dead. He's been dead for two years.

The Iraq war can not be justified by removing Saddam Hussein from power. He is not in power. He's dead.

This just in, Saddam Hussein, still dead after all these years.