Sunday, December 14, 2008

Mat Marshall Joins Delaware Libertarian

Mat Marshall is one of the brightest young people I have met in a long time. Heck, he is one of the brightest people, either young or old, I have ever met.

The quality of Mat's thinking and writing is superlative. I see in Mat an exceptionally probative and incisive mind, with an eye towards the practical application of worthy ideals.

I believe Mat has some great ideas and excellent commentary to offer so I am thrilled he has agreed to join us a regular contributor.

Another excellent thing is that Mat is a committed Democrat, which rounds out our roster across the partisan spectrum.

Mat will also continue as a member of the Down With Absolutes blogger crew (lest our DWA brethren and sistern worry).

Look for Mat's inaugural / introductory post coming soon.

On behalf of all of us here at Delaware Libertarian, welcome and we look forward to your contributions, Mat!

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Anonymous said...

Is he getting a transition team too?