Tuesday, December 16, 2008

WDEL Radio - Tuesday December 16, 2008

I will be joining WDEL morning host and raconteur Al Mascitti, shortly after 9 am, to discuss developments in the ongoing collapse of the City of Wilmington government's untenable disregard for its duty to repair and maintain public sidewalks. News-Journal reporter Adam Taylor's story here.

Here is the ordnance just passed. See if you can make sense of it, or at least how it was very sloppily written in order to accommodate the Wilmington government's ongoing evasion of its duty as mandated by the Supreme Court of Delaware nearly 5 years ago in Schadt v. Latchford.

This is not "legal limbo", as the city government rather incredibly would try to have us all believe. It is financial misappropriation of infrastructure funds, away from true public works mandated by the City Charter, in order to funnel taxpayer subsidies to private developers.

When it comes to subsidies or spending revenue to drag more revenue out of citizens, no expense is to be spared.

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