Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's not every day that I can claim to have scooped Anti-war.com ...

... but I'll take it where I can find it.

Eric Garris, Angela Keaton, and all the folks at Anti-War.com do an amazing job (on a shoestring) of covering the sordid story of war around the world. I poach there (with attribution, of course) daily.

So today, I'm thrilled that I beat Andy Worthington's Musical Torture piece by nearly a week.

(Of course, it was really Waldo who scooped them, but I steal from the best.)

(Look at it this way, Waldo, we may not affect public policy that much, but while we may get near-sighted and grow hair on our palms, we won't go blind.)


Waldo Lydecker's Journal said...

At least I will die happy.

Steven H. Newton said...

I live to serve. Do you have the hanky? My hands are getting messy.