Monday, December 22, 2008

Rest In Peace - Ned Carpenter

When last Thursday I wrote a sort of tribute to Edmund N. "Ned" Carpenter II, praising his longtime advocacy of justice and drug policy reform, I had no idea that Mr. Carpenter apparently was very ill with pulmonary fibrosis. He passed away the very next day.

While Mr. Carpenter lived a very long and fruitful life, his loss is nonetheless very sad.
I am honored to have met Ned Carpenter and to have had the chance to thank him for his work.

Had I known at the time that he was also a recipient of the Bronze Star for Army combat service in World War II, I would have thanked him doubly.

Ned Carpenter's voice and his contributions will be greatly missed. I hope those who agree with his forward-thinking, compassionate, common sense views on justice, civil rights and public policy will carry on his fight.

We have immense shoes to fill.

h/t Nancy @ Delaware Way.

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