Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Progressive Voices interview with Delaware Libertarian

Dana Garrett was an outstanding and gracious host, and we had a great discussion.

George Donnelly says I say, "Ahhh" too much, which is certainly true.

Half an hour is not a long time, but the Children's Theater of Delaware was waiting in the wings.

You can listen to it here.

My only real regrets: not mentioning the Libertarian Party of Delaware's great candidates like Mark Parks and Tyler Nixon, but, hey, Tyler was on a competing radio station at the same time, so he can get his own damn publicity.

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Tyler Nixon said...

LOL, Steve. No worries about me and publicity-hounding, as I am sure everyone would tell you.

I will be listening this afternoon. Dana called and said he really enjoyed having you.

I am looking forward to getting you onto delawaretalkradio.com in the very near future.