Monday, March 3, 2008

Women With Tattoos

Is it me or do women today have as many if not more tattoos then men?

Now don't get me wrong there is nothing sexier than a 20 something wearing a tube top with tattoos all over the right places, but wow the phenomena seems to have gotten out of control. Last time I was working in Thailand I saw a woman tattooed from the top of her head to the soles of her feet.

After first vomiting my papaya salad on the ground and wondering what had caused such a lovely young lady to choose such a radical approach to body modification, I realized she was just an extreme example of the tattooing trend. What is the psychological need that causes one to completely change their body in this way. So I read up on it and and found this:

An interesting thought.

But an even more extreme example from the Italian Blog spot:

Tatuaggio record

Ecco il tatuaggio total body esibito da una modella al festival del tattoo in corso a San Pietroburgo: voi andreste in giro con una cosa simile disegnata sulla vostra pelle?

This woman was more like the one I saw....Wow. After all the thoughts raced through my mind, and the teenage adolescent ones were evacuated, I wondered, how people with such extreme body modification actually live.

So how does the world of tattooing feel about this, obviously it is good for business, but aside from being a model what does one do once the entire body has been slathered with ink?


Shirley Vandever said...

It is interesting that you post this now, as recently Letterio wrote a rant on the subject of tattoos. ( He tells you exactly what he thinks in no uncertain terms !

I really don’t understand the people who go to the extreme of a full-body tattoo. The article says that you must have a “good sense of self”. I guess. And maybe I’m being prejudiced, but for some reason I find that it is less weird for men to do it than for women.

I also wonder if people that do this expect to have any kind of employment other than something in entertainment. It’s the same for people who have extreme facial piercing, etc. So, it must have to become more or less a way of life. I doubt a bank would hire them (which is probably discrimination, but c’mon).

I have three “tasteful” tattoos, none of which are visible at my job. Two are very small .. a heart a a butterfly. The third one is on my back and is larger. It is “GirlGeek” (my nickname to some), with a picture of a girl with wild crazy hair and the name underneath. I chose that as the way I feel when I am working on a complicated or pressure-filled project: harried and stressed.

Getting a tattoo can be a mystical experience. My “GirlGeek” one was done in Maryland in a small room. The artist was totally into it, and Pink Floyd in the background just enhanced the experience. It was a bit mystical, and yes, kind of sexy. They say some people get addicted to tattoos for just those reasons.

I don’t understand the full body stuff, but to each their own. In biker shops they even sell a thin blouse that is made to look AS IF you have tattoos all over, but these are so common now they don’t even get a second look. In my opinion, if you want that look, get the work done, otherwise you’re a wannabe.

The model in the picture is leading a different kind of life. If she’s happy, that’s cool. I just wonder what she’s going to look like when she’s 80.

Anonymous said...

Hi Shirley,
I wonder what she'll think at 80 too. Especially when all the tattoos start sagging in all the wrong places?

Anonymous said...

Her body is as slathered with ink as Bernake has slatered Wall Street with green ink to burn off our wealth. Lovely.

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