Monday, December 1, 2008

Suppose there were a Libertarian National Committee that opposed freedom of speech and freedom of thought?

Suppose there were a Libertarian National Committee so fearful of its own membership that it couldn't take criticism, satire, and even disdain from its own members?

Suppose there were a Libertarian National Committee so enamored with clouds of secrecy that to reveal the nature of its deliberations or the foibles of the participants represented original sin?

Suppose there were a Libertarian National Committee so politically correct and devoid of character that its membership hid behind speech codes modeled on those created by the Federal government to suppress political thought.

Suppose there were a Libertarian National Committee so gutless that it had to ask for permission from the grandson of Robert (as in Robert's Rules of Order) for permission to exorcise the witch queen who looked down her nose at them in a naughty T-shirt.

Suppose there were a Libertarian National Committee so hypocritical that it would support a presidential nominee whose PAC donated money to the political opponents of Libertarians (while serving on the LNC), and then turn around to censure somebody else for suggesting that--in the current f**ked up state of the Party--anybody who'd join would have to be a fool.

You don't have to suppose.

That's exactly what we have in the current Libertarian National Committee.

Details soon to come, or at least breathe hard. (pun intended).

Last tease: you have to wonder if they know that Angela Keaton has been nominated for Chair of the Boston Tea Party?


Brian Miller said...

This is the last chance to fix the LNC and put it back on track. If they succeed in ejecting Angela (and revoking her party membership, as some are muttering about doing), then the LNC should be allowed to go out of business.

dhd said...

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