Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Another Day in the Bush...I mean...Obama Administration

President signs deficit-exploding big government pork-barrel legislation, written in secret, rammed through Congress in just hours with no public review after excluding all minority input, laden with massive payoffs to pet special interest constituencies.

President Escalates ('Surges') U.S. Military Forces in the Middle East (Afghanistan) by 17000 Marines and Soldiers, With No End in Sight.

Oh yeah. The 'change' is overwhelming me.


Anonymous said...


Voting for Mccain was voting for Bush.

Now, voting for Obama was also voting for Bush.

WTF What's da difference.


Anonymous said...

Obama's foreign policy is run by the Pentagon and the shadow goverment. Zbig Brezenski armed the Taliban (under Carter) to fight the Russians. Then AlCIAeda became the boogeyman but now the droids have put the TalibanAlciaeda together as another bogeyman. The US foreign policy continues to be run by the same liars, and deceivers as ran the Bush regime.

Bin Laden is dead! The man has to have kidney dialysis (which he why he was in ToraBora) and escaped. Any fool to believes this guy is hiding in freakin cave that is electrified with hospital eqipment 7 years later..is a buffoon.

The left is not happy with Obamas foreign policy either. He told us "diplomacy" was the answer. I think the neo cons (dems/repukes) terrified him into believing the "terrorists are living in the caves", however one of the top cabinet level people in Obamas administration stated "the real terrorist are on wall street".