Friday, February 13, 2009

Nemski mans up



Anonymous said...

It was Nemski that deleted the Burris trackback, as revealed in the comments. Is that man-ing up?

Anonymous said...

With eight contributers, I'd say it was man-ing up.
He didn't have to admit anything, but he did. He also added the link to DP.

Changing the tone in the DE blogosphere won't be easy, especially since there are those - on both sides - that love to fan the flames.

Imagine if there was a 30 minute waiting period between writing a comment and posting? (Not advocating that, btw!) Most flame wars are caused by spontaneous responses and a quick submit finger.

From my own experience I can honestly say that the posts I regret the most are the ones I've fired off in the heat of the moment. Sometimes posts, and comments, need time to mature.

Credit where credit is due, Anonymous.

Hube said...

Call me cynical, but I think this is all just a game. The DLers prob got into a cyber chat room and said "Hey! Let's pretend we're fighting (again -- remember donviti's complaints about "restrictions" on language? THAT sure lasted long). We'll make it seem as if we're trying to make nice, and at the same time we'll get a lot more hits!"

I guess having all your commenters being your fellow bloggers got tiresome.

Nancy Willing said...

Nemski only manned up when the pressure was upped.
A little mea culpa from Cassandra would be nice. As.If.