Friday, February 13, 2009

Poll : Americans Widely Favor Tax Cuts for 'Stimulus'

"Based on preliminary results of this month's IBD/TIPP Poll, Americans would welcome with open arms tax reductions as part of any stimulus plan. Of 568 adults surveyed last Monday through Thursday, 67% favored cutting federal taxes on businesses, 79% favored cuts in individual income taxes and — despite the fact that only half of Americans are investors — 62% even favored cuts in capitals gains taxes."

From Investor's Business Daily


a most peculiar nature said...

I think what bothers me almost as much as the porkulus bill itself is that they are pushing for a vote today. That is just idiocy.

No one can truely get a sense of this 1,600 page bill in less than 24 hours.

What the heck are they thinking?

I was able to e-mail Castle, but couldn't get through to our Senators because I think everyone is downloading the PDF from Pelosi's site. The IT dudes and dudettes must be going wild !

Anonymous said...

Tyler, the bill contains over 40% in tax cuts. Isn't that enough, or do you want the entire contents of the bill to be tax cuts?

Shirley, nonsense! The essence of this bill has been around for over a week. And the focus of the entire Congress has been on it. It was also published on-line as you yourself noted.

As far as the final changes, the House-Senate resolution conferees know exactly what has changed and have certainly communicated these changes to their party members.

Perry Hood

Tyler Nixon said...

The point is not simply enough bare bones time to rush read this legislation and get the jist.

The public and Congress should have plenty of time to study it, analyze it, and weigh-in especially because it is so ginormous and unprecedented.

To spend nearly a trillion dollars with a matter of hours to even just read, much less understand, the detail is absolutely reckless beyond belief.

The Congressional Democrats may as well be running the Politburo.