Friday, February 20, 2009

In a virtual world, community is where you find it

Brian Shields started the ball rolling in the Delaware blogosphere, with his call for a return to community.

Then, earlier today, Shirley put up a post on The Forgotten Ones, which was in part intended to draw attention to those whom the government bail-outs will not help, and who are struggling to make it themselves....

Read the post: Sandy, Sam, and Jeff are good people you should get to know, at least vicariously.

For Sandy, I can't do much more than observe that with a husband like she's got and a friend like Shirley, I think she'll make it.

As far as Sam goes, Shirley points out that she's trying to start her own consulting business: Nomad EMC Consulting:

Nomad EMC Consulting is an independent consulting firm that primarily investigates electromagnetic interference, in any environment. However, we specialize in healthcare environments; hospitals, clinics, etc.

RF interference is the same phenomena regardless of where it occurs. If you've got an interference problem you can't resolve, call us, it's what we do.

Check it out; if it's something you need, or you might know somebody who does, send them the URL. At the very least, send her some traffic: she wants a hand up, not a hand-out.

As for Jeff, I checked out his blog--Alphecca--and it certainly fits into my particular Libertarian agenda, so you'll find it up on the blogroll. A visit would be worth it--and not just because Jeff is struggling in real life.

From hundreds of miles away, it used to be that you couldn't really reach out to other folks, even symbolically. But now you can--and what I wonder is, why don't we do it more?

Not particularly an observation about politics, because good people from all sorts of political ideologies reach out to strangers.

On the other hand, if Libertarians don't make a practice of reaching out, then we're not living up to our own beliefs.

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a most peculiar nature said...

You raised a little lump in this old biker chick's throat.

Good people, all...and representative of the thousands upon thousands of people out there. They will all make it. Without being "bailed out".

In Brian's spirit of community, I'm going to start highlighting more of the small businesses in the area. They are the ones who build through the sweat of their brow and who, IMHO, represent what this country stands for.