Saturday, February 21, 2009

Kilroy wuz here already, but the big transparency question remains...

While Jack Markell is out talking to the public about budget cuts and their unlovely corollary, where's any mention of greater public school transparency by putting district checkbooks online?

And why wouldn't we extend that requirement to Delaware's three institutions of higher education, that between them walk away each year with a quarter billion of the public's money and virtually no accountability for how it's spent?

This post brought to you, in part, by DelawareDem's observation that our local coverage has fallen off somewhat. When the man's right, he's ... uh ... still left--but essentially correct.

Note to DD: part of the problem is that there are two significant tax/finance issues in the State I'd love to blog about, but can't, due to potential conflicts of interest. So it goes.

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