Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Governor Mark Sanford : Part of the Solution

No sooner than Lindsey "I'm a Winner!!" Graham wrote off libertarian ideas from the GOP, the Republican Governor of his state, Mark Sanford, stepped up to rebut Graham's stupidity.

"There was almost a pejorative comment a moment ago. Sen. Graham spoke and said “I’m not a libertarian,” whatever, whatever, as if that’s an evil word. Liberty is the hallmark of the American experiment … People say, you know, “Mark, you’re kind of libertarian,” you know, and they say it as if it’s an evil word, like you’re a communist or something. I’m like: Throw me in that briar patch … I’ve been accused of being a libertarian and I wear it as a badge of honor." - Governor Sanford

Thanks to Reason's blog Hit & Run for the link and the Campaign for Liberty for the video.

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Jonathan B. said...

I am proud of Gov. Sanford's comments........as a South Carolinian, and a Christian Libertarian I am proud to see someone standing up for Liberty and the American Expirement.......Here's hoping a 2012 ticket of Mark Sanford and Ron Paul runs for the Presidency.......We need people like Mark Sanford to come together with people like Ron Paul if we are going to save this country on so many levels.......Thank You Governor Sanford for your defense of Liberty.