Friday, May 22, 2009

Time for Admiral Mullen to go...

Last week the Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff discovered that our air raids were killing large numbers of civilians in Afghanistan to the point where those deaths could compromise our ability to win the war, but he couldn't think of anything better to do...

This week, the venerable Admiral has twigged onto the fact that our operations in Afghanistan are de-stabilizing Pakistan, and once again--predictably--he can't think of anything better to do:

Speaking before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee today, Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Admiral Michael Mullen insisted that the United States has “a clear national security interest” in taking on the Taliban in Afghanistan and that the 21,000 additional troops coming in the surge is “about right.” At the same time, Adm. Mullen cautioned that the attempt to reverse the Taliban’s gains in Afghanistan could have dire consequences for neighboring Pakistan.

“We can’t deny that our success in that regard may only push them deeper into Pakistan,” Mullen conceded, adding that “we may end up further destabilizing Pakistan without providing substantial lasting improvements in Afghanistan.”
The Admiral’s only answer to this seemingly enormous problem was to call for more military and economic aid to Pakistan.

In other words: we're not wining the war, our tactics are alienating the people supposed to be on our side, and our strategy may drive a nuclear armed nation over the brink into become a failed, radical Islamist state....

But Admiral Mullen's only response is to keep doing what we've been doing.

Now would be a very good time for some change I could believe in, at the top of the Joint Chiefs.


Anonymous said...

More and more soliders are speaking out about what they really did in Iraq and Afganistan as a result of these sadistic generals. One soldier claims he was told to "break down the doors, smash windows, destroy the kitchen, plumbng and the house.

The reason Obama now refuses to show the photos is because they have pictures of young children being sodomized in front of their parents. Those photos must come out is there is ever going to be an end to torture. Obama is continuing torture, as Jeremy Scahill reports. The Thug Squad at Gitmo are still torturing, and the CIA is still torturing in black sites around the world. Stop believing the Obama hype, its all bullshit. Obama is surrounded by generals who were a major reason why the torturing started in the first place. And the democrats, screw them too. They knew. Biden, Pelosi, Reed, Rockefeller, Clinton et al. They knew and they sat quiet for political reasons. Drag them all before a Nuremberg styled court.

Townie 76 said...

Anonymous you are full of crap. Clearly you do not know anything about the American military other than the bull pushed around on the anti-war blogs. I have spent 33 years in the military, I am proud card carrying liberal and democrat, and in my time in Iraq and Afghanistan I never once hear any Senior Officer order his men to do anything that was illegal or immoral. Our General's are some of the smartest people and have a genuine concern about the safety and well being of their soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen. Unless you can name names and cite specific incidents then all you are doing is spreading malicious crap. If you can cite specific individuals and incidents I will assist you in getting it the right people so they can be investigated. Clearly you are not aware that the military has dealt harshly with those who have been charged with misconduct--I know of several Senior Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers whose promising careers have ended because of what they did in either Iraq or Afghanistan.

I can tell you that most of the General's have been the ones who have most objected to the harsh interrogation techniques used by the CIA. General's understand that torturing the enemy in the ends gains you nothing in the end.