Monday, May 18, 2009

Lindsey "I'm a Winner!!" Graham : Part of the Problem

Neocon, Bush-loving, big government too-long-incumbent warmonger Republican Senator Lindsey Graham gets it all wrong.

What a shock!! :

"I'm not a libertarian...we're not gonna build the party around libertarian ideas."

Yeah, Graham should know. He is quite the expert at how not to build, or in his case how to destroy a party (in 8 years or less).

Boy, it's mighty white of Lindsey to tell us how we in the GOP will best deal with the national statist onslaught he and his buddy W ushered in for America, as a prelude to Obamanation.

Graham takes on Ron Paul using a well-worn trick of lying politicians : falsely put words in an opponent's mouth and take phony offense from it. Graham falsely accuses Paul of saying that not only Bush policies but Bush himself "brought the attacks on the United States". This would be a "straw man" argument were it not directly attributed to Paul.

It is a lie. Paul has never accused Bush of such a thing and only has ever referred to Bush "policies" in general terms of neocon interventionism and adventurism that long preceded Bush's rendition of it.

Anyway, keep talking...shouting even, Lins. I am sure the old worn out "traditional values" and rah-rah-Republican whitewash nonsense, masking your nationalist/corporatist big government bent, will keep selling to the rubes in the backwaters of South Carolina and in the 20% social-con/neocon/Christian fundie bubble.

In general, I think we can dispense with Ronald Reagan's "11th Commandment". Beyond the politics of Reagan's lifetime, in the age of people like Lindsey Graham it has not the slightest moral or even practical suasion.

People like Graham use it as a sort of *tsk tsk* conditioning tactic to "command" Republicans never to challenge their bullshit within the party, as they carry out their ulterior agendas - all of which have been the present day ruination of the GOP.

Notably, in singling out REPUBLICAN Ron Paul for attack Graham not only broke the very "commandment" he had just cited, literally on-the-spot, but also one of the "real" know, # 9...that one about bearing false witness.

Like so many of his ilk, Graham's version of the "commandments" are always for "thee but not me"...convenient only to his immediate personal or political self-interest.

Self-proclaimed "winners" (how Lindsey referred to himself when an audience member calls him a hypocrite in the video) should really just learn when to STFU and move aside.

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