Wednesday, May 6, 2009

"Why, Mr. Obama? Why??"

A short Reason Magazine video breaks down Barack Obama's purely-political betrayal of poor children in Washington, D.C. :

Nick Gillespie writes :

"President Barack Obama has been totally two-faced on the issue of the DC school voucher program, claiming that if it—and other programs like it—"worked," he'd support them because that is "what's best for kids."

Naturally, when faced with clear evidence that the DC program works (in the form of a freakin' Dept. of Education study which found significant gains for participants) and costs less per student than the conventional DC public schools, Obama worked with congressional Dems to kill the program."

The video aptly notes that Obama's own education was funded by scholarships, much like those he has killed for these D.C. families, and that Obama is sending his own children to an elite private school in D.C.

It's quite sad to see the dreams of these families so swiftly and callously crushed by the narrow political interests and statist orthodoxy of the one politician they supported with so much of their faith and hope.

Live and learn. Live and learn...

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