Friday, May 29, 2009

Shorter General Casey: "We're getting the Pusan Perimeter ready to use again"

This will really help ratchet down tensions regarding a possible new Korean war (as well as get us prepared for that military draft Kilroy is worried about):

US Army Chief of Staff General George Casey today insisted that the army was “prepared” to fight a war against North Korea, in the event one broke out. Given the ongoing wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, Gen. Casey conceded that “it would probably take us a little bit longer to shift gears” into fighting a more conventional conflict with the massive North Korean army.

You may recall that Casey is the fellow who promised us the other day that the Pentagon was planning on staying in both Afghanistan and Iraq for at least another ten years.

What's happening here is that (a) we are reaping the whirlwind of nearly two decades without a real foreign policy for dealing with the world that was destabilized by the end of the Cold War; and (b) we are being prepared for a return to the permanent war state necessary to keep the Defense budget up, the Defense industry churning along, and the campaign contributions dropping into the right pockets.

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Anonymous said...

Last week soldiers from Iraq and Afganistan testified to Congress. They detailed the lying generals in Iraq and Afganistan who not only lying to Congress, the Senate and the american people, they lied to soldiers.

The abuse and horror that went on in Iraq/Afganistan continues to this day. Corporate media would like us to believe the torture only happened at Abu Ghareb and Gitmo...a lie. It went on in all 16 prisons in Iraq and all over Afganistan.

Why is the Obama adminstration requesting $787 billion to build a Palace Embassy in Afganistan? We have the largest embassy in the world in Iraq...and these idiots wanted to talk about all the palaces Saddam built. Guess those Palaces werent good enough for the occuping American forces...and now Obama and his criminal generals want to stay in Iraq another 10 years. Demorats will never speak about the hypocrisy of Obama! They are hypocrits of the highest level.