Sunday, May 10, 2009

My party: love it or ridicule it

The problem of credibility at the national Libertarian Party continue, this time with an LP blog post on government-run health care that tells the story of how Great Britain's nationalized healthcare system refused to test poor Katie Brickell for cervical cancer (even though it ran in her family), and then let her die because of taking too long to start treatment. The blog post goes on to explain that this is exactly the kind of system that President Obama wants to institute in the US.

Only tiny little problem: none of it is true.

As Susan Hogarth notes at IPR, Katie had no family history of cancer, could have gotten the test, and delayed her own treatment to harvest fertilized eggs for in-vitro. Moreover, the language imputed to the Obama administration is highly inaccurate.

Here's the moral of the story; if want to criticize the government, get your facts right.

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Brian Shields said...

Do you how you read a story, and it just oozes with the scent of spin? This was one of those stories.