Sunday, May 3, 2009

Somewhere the Duke of Wellington is not smiling...

... as our war in Iraq, supposedly won by the Surge, grinds into its death throes as we prepare to depart.

Iraniana helicopters are not conducting cross-border raids into Kurdish territory.

The militias that General Petraeus paid off are starting to defect, now that (surprise, surprise) the money has stopped flowing.

As the British prepare to pull out of Basra, the security situation is now worse than when they got there (and when they got there it was unrestrained anarchy between warring factions).

American casualties, strangely unreported in the MSM these days, continue to rise.

Our own puppet government in Iraq declares our operations in raids to be criminal violations of the withdrawal agreement, but discovers (again: surprise, surprise) that the US does not intend to allow them to deal with those violations in their own court system.

We have many friends, especially those who style themselves as Libertarian Republicans, who have not yet come to grips with this salient fact: our military presence in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan is not the answer to regional de-stablization, it is one of the causes.

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downwithabsolutes said...

At least we got the delicious Beef Wellington from the Duke. Can't imagine a culinary counterpart in this dreaded Iraq War.