Thursday, May 7, 2009

Maybe the Feds should just torture Ashton Lundeby...

...into admitting his assorted crimes....

Here is part of my answer to the folks who think that the government can simply be trusted with the power to conduct surveillance against our citizens and ignore their constitutional rights because they're a threat...

Like evangelical home-schooled Christian Ashton Lundeby:

Ashton Lundeby has been held in a Federal detention center in Indiana for 2 months without being charged with a crime or afforded due process. Federal Bureau of Investigation agents stormed his home that night, insisting that he had made several bomb threats from his computer including one to Purdue University on February 15 at 9:05 Central time (10:05 ET in North Carolina where Lundeby lives).

Lundeby has multiple witnesses that will verify that he was at Union Chapel Church with his family until after 9 p.m. ET that evening. Union Chapel Church is 35 minutes from the family's Oxford, North Carolina home. On the way home that evening, the family stopped at a grocery store to buy cat litter- a stop that could be verified not only by his mother but presumably by store receipts and store employee witnesses. Mrs. Lundeby says they arrived home just after 10 p.m. and her son went straight to bed without turning on his computer.

The FBI contends that a bomb threat was made at 10:05 North Carolina time from Ashton's computer. They searched the family's house and found no evidence of bomb making paraphanalia.

Ashton's friends provided information to the FBI on a local who had previously used Ashton's IP address in making crank calls. In an interview with Pro Liberate, Mrs. Lundeby confirmed that a hacker has been harrassing the family. A 911 call sent the police into her home searching for drugs prior to the bomb scare arrest, something she attributes to a malicious hacker one of her son's friends has identified by screen name for investigators.

Using the Patriot Act standard of good faith belief rather than the Constitutional requirement of probable cause, the Feds have held Ashton without charges and without contact with his parents for weeks at a time.

Where is Attorney General Eric Holder? Where is President Barack Obama?

Let's just waterboard the little puke until he admits to being a domestic terrorist, and then we can try him in a military tribunal and send him to Bagram.

Change I can puke over.

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