Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Newton's (real) law: The consequences of free speech is tasteless and offensive behavior....

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There are those who think it's funny to declare other human beings as hunting targets:

Then again, there are those who think it's funny to paint all gun-owners as crazed killers:

There are those who think it is appropriate to compare socially conservative Christians to Al Qaeda:

There are those who think it's within the bounds of good taste to use maimed babies as props in political cartoons:

There are those who think its appropriate to make retard jokes about Downs Syndrome children:

There are those who use images to suggest that our soldiers are mindless killers:

There are those who think it's OK to portray people with different political views as willing to kill the helpless:

There are those who suggest that violence is the appropriate penalty for those in the previous administration:

... and I'd often truly like to be able to shut some of them up.

And then I remember the consequences of eliminating all those tasteless and offensive types of speech as too dangerous to be permitted:


downwithabsolutes said...

Thank you, Steve, for this excellent post. The feigned outrage on display by DL on this topic is gut-bustingly laughable and it's something I've been saying for years re: cartoons, posters and other propaganda that offend.

DL is only empowering those groups who are intentionally setting out to offend others by, get this, ACTUALLY getting offended!!!

They need to just get over it. Much better for the blood pressure.

Anonymous said...


It looks like you had some fun today.


Hube said...

DL: "Ground Zero for all Things Idiotic."