Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Run, Jesse, Run!

Ventura is hilarious in this video...especially at the end.

As brash and abrasive as Hannity is with any opponents, it says a lot for the force of Jesse Ventura's personality that he had Hannity almost looking scared and hardly willing to shout down Ventura's interruptions.

I think Ventura is looking at a 2012 independent run for the presidency. You heard him mention Perot...

He may repeat Obama's line about "inheriting a mess" and deflect for Obama...for the moment...but I suspect Ventura believes that the "mess" will get no better under anything Obama is doing...he knows Obama is extending the middle east wars Ventura so opposes, as a big example.

Ventura is being Mr. Nice Guy until the time is right to strike. As a wrestler and entertainer, Ventura knew that setting up your moves well in advance was what made them so devastatingly well-executed, grabbing the audience by the gut in bold swift strokes in what is a choreographed fight....as are all presidential elections.

Let's not forget this man became Governor of Minnesota, unaffiliated with a major party and with absolutely zero political or government experience. That is no small feat.

I think Ventura plans to take it national and he sees events shaping in the direction of real viability for a 3rd option for U.S. President in 2012, beyond anything Perot could have approached 20 years ago.

Ventura also signed onto the Ron Paul Revolution and became outspoken in its accompanying resurgence of libertarianism.

"I'm a Goldwater conservative", Ventura swiftly retorted to Hannity's "I'm a Reagan conservative."

Ventura's views are pretty much libertarian down the line, from anti-interventionism to anti-statism to personal liberty and privacy, including anti-drug war...a particular issue that may well emerge much bigger over the next 3 years than anyone is foreseeing at the moment.

Ventura is a natural leader who gives plain sense with no apologies. It is, at the very least, refreshing to have his voice booming in the mix.

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