Monday, February 9, 2009

Truly a Terrible Terrible Way to "Educate" Children

It looks like Delaware's own version of a sort-of Hitler Youth style "education" program will be sprouting up right here in the Wilmington, if certain authoritarian-minded types have their way.

The "Delaware Academy for Public Safety and Security (DAP SS)" is gradually moving closer to becoming a reality as a charter school here in little old Delaware.

Last year this project was granted an exemption, by amendment, from the General Assembly's moratorium on new charter schools in Delaware. The sponsor of this exemption was Senator Margaret Henry of Wilmington.

This has to be one of the most chilling and disturbing ideas I have seen yet involving young people in the new era of "homeland security"....namely because it appears intent on inculcating the 'toughest' 'inner-city' youth into a statist "security" mindset.

If I had my druthers, words like "homeland" (e.g. "fatherland", "mother Russia") would be banned from any governmental lexicon in our CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC.

The very idea of a massive central government agency supposedly to "secure" the so-called homeland, in truth a massive domestic security apparatus to control the citizenry, has been one of the worst and certainly most wasteful developments in our nation's history.

“This is a law and order education for the students”

Now would-be do-gooders are looking to mold young developing minds to perpetuate what I believe to be an un-American mindset.

Rather than a public service ethic of supporting, protecting, and defending our Constitution and the liberties it embodies, we would instead exploit underprivileged or challenged young people in order to stock and proliferate some future security apparatus for 'the homeland'.

It is obvious that some people are quite stuck in retarded mode, in the same frenzy of fear, militarism, and exploitation that we saw rise in the wake of September 11, 2001.

"Building Homeland Security One Student at a Time"

What we see with this "Homeland Security High School" is an attempt to turn poor urban youth into loyal little troopers, cops, prison guards, spies, or whatever use for which they can be programmed to serve a central security state.

I say nuts to this. Every child should receive a well-rounded education offering them a chance to pursue any career path their desire and talent open to them.

To cubbyhole 13-year old children into life paths as tools for government agencies is just reprehensible.

It is a nauseating disgrace to the very idea of education, which should be far more than merely the training of tasks or the molding of minds to pre-set notions of how the world should be.

"The school aims to teach students to become policemen, firemen, intelligence agents, soldiers, airport or port security personnel – anything that falls within the purview of homeland security, Little said."

Behind all this is a former 2-term state legislator called Tom Little.

Little appears to have dropped his erstwhile ridiculous crusade to force ethanol on Delaware (probably the absolute worst form of "alternative" energy possible).

[In the linked article Little openly admits to having married, at age 62, a 17-year old girl when he lived in Africa for over a decade. How this stunning admission raises no red flags about a person trying to insinuate himself into the education of teens is beyond me.]

"We’re developing a new culture for young children called the culture of honor. We serve a cause, not a paycheck.", says Little.

What does this really mean? A "culture of honor"?? For teenagers?? Serving a "cause, not a paycheck"?

Has a rather national socialist ring to it...

I am sure Reichsfuhrer Himmler had similar words when he and Adolf Hitler corralled impressionable youth, gave them fancy uniforms, regimented all their activities military-style, and stamped on them a groupthink 'culture' of unquestioning loyalty to authority.

The brown shirts were nothing but gangs of street-wise thugs that Hitler diverted to more "useful" activities, molding them into his unthinking "security" apparatus.

"Meine Ehre Heisst Treue" [Loyalty is My Honor]
Motto of the Waffen SS

Some of the mentioned career tracks for the little homeland troopers :

  • Professional law enforcement and other armed and unarmed security – including SWAT team skills
  • Correctional officers
  • Water safety experts
  • Air safety – including helicopter repelling
  • Medical first responder aid and emergency crews
  • 911 Operator skills
  • Operating engineers and professional defensive driving skills
  • Forensic and investigative skills
[NOTE : the correct term in bullet 4 should be "rappelling" not "repelling". The incorrect spelling is how it appears on the Homeland High website (I guess English is less important than Arabic, Chinese, and Spanish.) Having served in an air-assault-capable active duty Army Infantry battalion, I can attest that helicopter rappelling is quite a different thing from "repelling" a helicopter.]

So we have what are presumably "at-risk" be trained for duty as prison guards, SWAT, and other assorted armed (and of course "unarmed") so-called "first responders" (notice the Orwellian terminology to soften the reality of this abomination).

Why put tasks of such responsibility and authority into the hands of higher-educated adult professionals, with real life experience, when you can brainwash high school kids into a "culture of honor"??

Little goes on to say : "When they graduate they’ll have a job. They’ll be in better shape than Marines and speak conversational Spanish, Arabic and Chinese."

It appears even the pretense of higher education is pretty much out the window. They want to put these poor kids right to work in the bowels of an ever-burgeoning security state, on the idea of saving them from their troubled circumstances.

I guess we can all be thrilled to know our firemen, cops, SWAT teams, and 911 operators will be able to speak "conversational" Mandarin or Farsi.

How sad that inner-city predominantly-minority children are to be used as experimentation subjects, consigned to limited barrack education as cogs in the "safety and security" complex.

I can imagine the ethos underlying all this, such as : hell, maybe if we make them prison guards we won't have to lock them up.

No need to think for themselves, just OBEY.


Anonymous said...

Oh my God! I can not believe that looney has any support for this. Who is supporting this concept? Those of us who read Littles book on his time in Africa, wondered about his sanity. I know a woman whom this man told he had actually "eaten a womans uterus in Africa". Those of us who have had to deal with him on political issues, listen to him on the radio, know he is operating without a full deck. Every city, county, state official must immediately stop this project.

Anonymous said...

Definitely pseudo-elitist, Orwellian and Anti-Libertarian in concept. Accordingly, the acronym should be changed to dpASS (Delaware Public Academy of Safety and Security)

Anonymous said...

This from a man who claims that eating placenta is a sure cure for AIDS from a sceance with Albert Einstein (out of his field), Dr. Fisher (19th C) formerly of the Royal Academy of Medicine, Edgar Cayce and a cast of supporting characters in his autobiography: "American Warriors, Goin' for Gold". (Google search it and see for yourself.)

Anonymous said...

I thought that this idea died in a bunker in Berlin in 1945...

Anonymous said...

Next thing you know, he'll invent a cure for cerebral malaria...

Anonymous said...

The "Little Youth"... What will their uniforms look like???

Hube said...

Let me beg to differ a tad in that I think you may be overreacting a tad, Tyler (especially with the hyperbole).

How substantively different is this than, say, DMA as a charter school? Most of the career paths are worthwhile: Firemen? Police officer and/or other law enforcement? Forensics and investigations?

Granted, I'll give you that the school slogan and Little's background are creepy (62 vs. 17?? Eww!), but given Little's Marine background (that part isn't creepy) I think he knows a bit about honor (as would you, Tyler, being ex-military). As such, I think that's just the Marine in him speaking, not a sinister hidden agenda coming to the fore. That, and consider his target students: inner city youth, some (most?) of whom have troubled backgrounds. Honor might be something quite worthwhile in their lives since one its caveats, self-respect, is sure important.

I do doubt that the jobs Little speaks of will be all that terrific straight out of HS (or, as Tyler say, "the bowels"); more training and hopefully some college will help any graduates get better employment. I also (sincerely) doubt that this school's grads will be "in better shape" than Marines(!!) and that they'll have conversational foreign language ability. Some may, if they take four consecutive years of a language, but I'd bet that'll be only the very best FL students.

Hube said...

Anonymous 4:34: Little claimed that?

Tyler Nixon said...

Valid comment, Hube. Military academies have a clear objective of a military style environment and, in many cases, eventual military service.

My problem is when we begin blurring the lines between military-style training and mental conditioning, and the proper role of civilian-side duties representing the power of the state.

As you may know, I have been staunchly opposed to the militarization of law enforcement...which is exactly what we see with this type of program.

Having a militarist "education" program, while calling it "public safety and security" is beyond mission creep and disturbing.

We should have a stark "firewall" between civilian duties and hewing out some supposed "culture of honor" where none exists by longstanding tradition, as we have in our United States military.

Frankly, I think the DMA is just fine and I support it. The DAPPS concept is just creepy to me. We should leave the militarism to military academies and those interested in military service.

Last I checked, we don't have armed forces (military anyway) with the power to detain, arrest, investigate, and incarcerate civilians in civil American life. As it should be and should always remain.

Anonymous said...


Read his book (puported to have been written in a single session after self-hypnosis). Used copies retail for about $14.95. It's all in there...

Tyler Nixon said...

"Honor might be something quite worthwhile in their lives since one its caveats, self-respect, is sure important."

One last thing...I agree troubled youth need self-respect but that is not necessarily "honor".

One thing I have learned in my life...honor cannot be taught.

Some of the dictionary analogs used are : "reputation", "privilege", "recognition", "credit", "homage", "reverence", "deference".

Any school's primary culture should be education, not "honor", which is clearly a word if not a concept I have found more often hijacked for use by those who have none...or those who thirst for undue recognition or deference based on some self-delusional myth of their standing.

Anonymous said...

Preserve the concept of Posse Comitatas.

Hube said...

Wow, Anon ... if what you say is true, whoa.

Tyler: I can see where you're coming from. If this Little is as offbeat as advertised, as much as a I respect military men, I'd be worried right there. And I can agree that such a charter can be better structured based on what you state.

Insightful comments on "honor," too.

downwithabsolutes said...


Thank you for writing this. I'd been meaning to get to this for months, but you've certainly done a better job of encapsulating this than I ever could have.

As for the placenta, I've heard the same thing.

I'm gonna throw a link back to this post in a few.

downwithabsolutes said...

BTW, I have PDFs of some of Little's book somewhere on my email. I'll try and dig them up and send them your way, Hube.

Hube said...

Thanks, Mike!

Anonymous said...

This man is a loon. I know a woman to whom he said, "he had eaten a uterus of a woman" in Africa. Reading excerpts from his book any psychiatrist would deem him certfiable. And this is someone Charles Copeland stands behind. Bet ole Charlie never read this lunatics own words. Its sick, he's sick! And old man marrying a child (16-17) and he at 62, would be considered child molestor. When he left Africa what happened to his "child bride". This man shouldnt be around ANY children, let alone with children with "problems" and easily influenced. Was this guy CIA?

Wolf von Baumgart said...

The real irony is that while he was in Dover on 2/6/2009 pitching his charter school concept, he lost his SLAPP suit in NCC Superior Court. Justice is sweet.

Wolf von Baumgart,
State Chairman, IPOD

Anonymous said...

Will the curriculum also include SWAT, Special Ops and building demolition 101 ???

Anonymous said...

The mission and training of military and civil police forces is
intrinsically different, the latter having more constitutional, physical and legal contraint.
The line must not be crossed as the hybrid is a permanent (political) paramilitary police state security apparatus; itself antithetical to Liberty and Independance -- a veritable "Shadow Over the Land".

Wolf von Baumgart
State Chairman, IPOD

Anonymous said...

is it true that Charlie Copeland is backing this lunatic, thats what I want to know. Also heard Margaret Rose Henry is as well. Just goes to show these morons did not "vetting" of this man or read his book. Do you think he gave a copy of his book to Valerie Woodruff, while she and the Board of Ed were considering this Hitler Youth proposal.

Anonymous said...

I want to know if the woman whose womb he claimed to eat was dead or alive. Served with onions! Was it cooked or does he like his meat raw?

R said...

When he left Africa what happened to his "child bride".

Not to detract from any of the other weird crap, but 17 isn't a child, and his marriage would have been legal in many of these United States.

Anonymous said...

There was nothing I read about the dude's marriage being illegal. Still don't make it right. The 45 year age difference is fucked up enough especially if he was in a poor African country. A teenager is still a teenager just like a dirty old man is just a dirty old man. This guy sounds like a world class scumbag.

Kilroy said...

Anonymous said...
“This man is a loon. I know a woman to whom he said, "he had eaten a uterus of a woman" in Africa.”

Gee, I hope he got fries with that!

“And old man marrying a child (16-17) and he at 62,”

No way! Is this true?

“Was this guy CIA?”

Not sure but I know Matthews would like to join the CIA (Culinary Institute of American)Looks like some of Matthew's cooking experiments came out of a Nazi death camp, LOL

Anonymous said...

Go to the Delaware Today article on ethanol. You can still post on it....have a good day

Anonymous said...

In no way does his "charter school for hitler youth" qualify under the Federal Education laws.

Who are these people supporting him? Check out the webpage. Troubled youth and every picture is with "white kids". Who doesnt know its not white kids that are his target!

Where is the teachin of the "three R's" Mr. Little. Oh maybe in your braindead view of the word those skills don't matter. Valerie Woodruff and the State Dept. of Education have some "splainin to do".

Anonymous said...

Someone sent John Watson at WILM, 1450Am a copy of this. He wants to talk about it on air starting at 9:00am...wednesday morning. If you believe this is wrong headed, wrong for our troubled children, please call in: 302 395 9456.

If you feel strongly, as most of us do who have read all the material, CALL IN, dont just sit there and anonymously blog about it.this is tooooo serious.

Anonymous said...

Fuck, does anybody even listen to John Watson anymore? At least we can use the backspace key here. ;-)

Suzanne said...

Just a little correction from the resident German blogger - it's
Meine Ehre heisst Treue (the letter that looks like a B is actually an "SZ", a sharp "S" sound that is, when written on non-german typewriters is a double s.

Meine Ehre heisst Treue means translated
My Honor is (or is named) Loyalty

I really am shocked by the idea of this program.

Tyler Nixon said...

Thanks, Suzanne!

I should have picked that up. I thought it looked strange to me, but my German is quite rusty (I was stationed in Berlin from 91-93).

I quickly cut and pasted it and hadn't gone back to re-chedk. Sorry for the error. Corrected.

Wolf von Baumgart said...

The rules of German orthography are strict. The Es-zet and the umlaut can be tricky to some, but the message is clear neverthess:

WE, the American People, are in serious danger of losing our Liberty unless we take an effective stand in defense of our Constitution.

Anonymous said...

Update: someone must have contacted Watson. He is now NOT going to do this topic tomorrow, says he wants to interview them first..ahahahah! Thats okay, when they come on the air, we will be ready for them. Meantime, I have calls into the feds...Education Dept, to determine what regulations they would be violating. Notice Little claims this "program" is for INNER city kids, but all the white kids in every photograph look like kids from Nebraska. Will bet none of the supporters know about the book, or whether the "program" fits the educational requirements.

Anne-fix red clay said...

I just saw you were on the topic of this strange school. I emailed them for more information last week. Nothing has come yet. The whole thing sounds creepy and I hate the name.

Suzanne said...

Tyler Nixon said.. my German is quite rusty (I was stationed in Berlin from 91-93).

I know - we have met before up at the GOP HQ. I was Brady's campaign manager (even though I am a Dem).
Which reminds me, have you seen ?
I just went to he Army Navy Store in Dover and bought my son a Berlin Brigade Patch.

SteelOvaries said...

Though I lack the education, it appears, the previous commenter’s have, I would like to make a few comments of my own.

To start; Law Enforcement i.e. Police, Sheriff’s, Corrections etc. are Paramilitary Organizations (Para; like or resembling). We have a Rank System, SOP’s, Regulations and a Chain of Command. Militarization of Law Enforcement is already a practice.

No one has stated if this “school” is going to be private; requiring applications to attend and tuition? Will it be a sentence, passed by the courts for problematic children? Will it be public; where those in the area have no choice but to attend? As with any “hot topic” where are the facts? Does anyone have all the information needed to discuss this topic intelligently and objectively? Since I have children in the Delaware Education System, I have a great deal of confidence in their ability to ensure the education of our children; as long as they have the support and dedication of the parents. (Now there is a very real problem; Teachers w/o Parental support)

I’ve met TL. I used to live in the same apartment building and knew him prior to his move to Africa. I have a signed copy of his book Goin’ for Gold. I kept it for the same reason people rubberneck accident victims; it’s gross factor. What he wrote to me has the same basic effect; it’s slimy. Anyone who spends more than 15 minutes speaking with him would know he’s a kook and couldn’t pull this off even if he was awarded unlimited funding. He’s screwed up too many times, in public, since his return to the area.

Have a little faith in the system. Gather the facts. Support what you believe but remember our children. This isn’t about YOU, it’s about them.

Be Safe & Well……….

Tyler Nixon said...

Thanks for coming by and making some thoughtful observations, Steel (love your handle!).

I agree that law enforcement agencies have chain of command, rank structure, SOP's etc. But I don't consider that militarization.

To me, militarization involves using military weaponry, equipment (like APC's), uniforms (fatigues, face masks), and tactics (such as raids/assaults on dwellings), amongst other things. We see it most prevalently in the so-called war on drugs, for example.

Basically what I mean is not the internal operations or organization of law enforcement agencies but rather how they present and conduct themselves as well as operate in public and in executing their powers.

Again, thanks for your input.

Wolf von Baumgart said...

The purpose of the military is to impliment foreign policy in time of war or conflict. War, according to von Clauzewitz, is "the continuation of foreign policy by other means." (when diplomacy and power politics fail)

In contrast, the purpose of police agencies is domestic civil law enforcement. This critical function is by its very nature subject to much great legal and constraits and must operate with laser-like precision as its of doctrine of application of force for public safety is necessarily limited by its very nature in a free society. The balance is a delicate one.

Wolf von Baumgart said...

That's greater constraints...

Damn the typos... and damn the tyrants...

What's this about H.R. 645, establishing federal detention camps???

Wolf von Baumgart said...

Or is it H.R.465??? ... Night and fog (Nacht und Nebel)

Steve Newton said...

A minor correction. You say, The purpose of the military is to impliment foreign policy in time of war or conflict. War, according to von Clauzewitz, is "the continuation of foreign policy by other means." (when diplomacy and power politics fail)

In reality, Clausewitz and the Europeans saw war as a legitimate tool of policy and not an indication of the failure of policy. In the US, prior to the Cold War, we worked from the Madisonian construct that war represents the failure of policy and a last resort (unless you are actually under attack).

My point: your mixing of Clausewitz with Madison is a strong indicator of just how far the war-making, interventionist State has taken us....

SteelOvaries said...

T. N., Thank you for the compliment. My handle is a nickname.
“To me, militarization involves using military weaponry, equipment (like APC's), uniforms (fatigues, face masks), and tactics (such as raids/assaults on dwellings), amongst other things. We see it most prevalently in the so-called war on drugs, for example.

Basically what I mean is not the internal operations or organization of law enforcement agencies but rather how they present and conduct themselves as well as operate in public and in executing their power.”

LE has SWAT/CERT etc. We wear uniforms, helmets with face masks, Kevlar jackets and vests for certain emergencies, some larger cities have APC’s, raids/assaults on dwellings is quite common. Our weaponry is similar; just on a smaller scale. (No; we don’t have rocket launchers, howitzers, subs, jets or Aircraft carriers) We do have boats, helicopters, heat-seeking technology, ROVs, Bomb Squads) the only real difference between the Military and LE is they can operate outside the US as well as inside for certain emergencies. LE operates in the US only. That is why we are “Paramilitary”. We are responsible for local security. LE is for security of town, county and state levels; whereas the Military is for Security of the entire Country regardless of where they are fighting. The CIA, FBI, HS, BTF etc are all LE agencies though they are federal. You sign up/join the Military and must serve out the term you agreed to and it is a lifelong career for some. LE is a choice of career that you can quit anytime you choose to. As you can see, the differences between the two are not many.
Concerning the School to train children in LE techniques, that is not a good idea. It sounds like the people pushing this want to build a better criminal. In my opinion, and I have many, most of the problems children have today is because their parents no longer make them a priority. If you send a child to a school that teaches them LE techniques, but don’t have the parental support to enforce proper behavior outside of school, all you are doing is teaching a future adult how to get away with more crimes. They will know what needs to be done to prevent identification and capture. Since I was a child, more than 25 years ago to the present I have noticed many changes in our society that have caused the problems we are now having with our youth. For example: ADHD. When I was young this alleged problem didn’t exist. When a child was bad; the child was punished. When a child became an adult; they put away childish things. They were made to accept responsibility for their actions. I was an abused child; I choose to do the right thing and not pass on that behavior to my children. Most people in my age bracket accept responsibility for their behavior. The generation that follows mine is/have being/been raised with the bad habit of blaming everyone and everything else for their behavior. Whether it is an alleged mental/learning problem, abuse, TV, music etc. the point is; People don’t want to take responsibility, not even for their own actions. Everyone reaches an age when they know what is right and what is wrong. Up to the age of reason it is the parents fault for their child’s inappropriate behavior. Once a child reaches adulthood; they are responsible.

It’s really hard to get off this soap box once I step up…Please forgive my diatribe.
Be Well & Safe…..

Wolf von Baumgart said...

Thanks, Steve...

Good point, but I meant failure to achieve the desired ends, not failure of policy per se. International tensions and rhetorical saber rattling usually would precede actual hostilities with the initiator of the conflict first constructing a suitable pretext for action. The term "balance of power" was actually coined by von Leibnitz (father of integral calculus) in the 17th Century. He was also interested in statecraft.
To the best of my knowledge, our use of the term "power politics" originates from the German term "Machtpolitik".

Anonymous said...

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