Monday, March 30, 2009

Another Disturbing Example of How Obama Will Be No Different Than Bush

...and to the extent he is embracing elements of an all-powerful, all-seeing "national security state", he may be worse.

Here is a video report of the type you will not see on corporate (mass) media in the United States, which is all owned by concentrated corporate media / entertainment interests who undoubtedly support such moves by governments to secure their interests via omni-surveillance law enforcement regimes :

Obama's VP Joe Biden has been a whore for organizations like RIAA that would make file-sharing, for example, into a federal crime.

The question is : will Americans put up with the type of massive, invasive, privacy-killing law enforcement over electronic information and the internet as Biden brought us in his failed drug war?

Don't think he isn't fully committed to both, as it appears is Obama.


morg said...

This question does not leave much room for optimism given the government and the public's recent track record in countering such excesses. Public surveillance cameras are already a pervasive phenomenon. On subways in NYC, and likely elsewhere, riders are informed that by riding the subway they consent to random searches of their persons and belongings by police and transit officials. The fourth amendment has already been effectively gutted by numerous state and federal statutes and various judicial opinions. Many Americans seem already to have decided that the loss of liberty is a small price to pay for the construction of the national security state.

deaconstruck said...

Hey Delaware Libertarian: Come Out and Play.

Anonymous said...

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