Friday, March 27, 2009

Tonight on CNN's Larry King Live : Marijuana Legalization

This national conversation continues. But will anyone in Washington ever listen to common sense? From the Larry King Live site :

Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

Will President Obama make history and legalize the use of marijuana? Not if opponents can help it! Montel Williams, Stephen Baldwin and other debate the issue!

How reassuring that Obama's drug policies square with D-list actor and religious/social conservative fundamentalist (empty) talking head Stephen Baldwin.

Nick Gillespie writes that Charlie Lynch, the California medical marijuana dispensary owner facing decades in federal prison from a DEA raid of his state-legal business, will also be on the show.


Anonymous said...

Obama a dope smoker like most of his generation opposing marijuana even medical marijuana is so hypocrital.

Jamstermedia@ said...

alcohol and tabacco are Conveintly
set aside in there own categories
separated from the food and drug because they are of coarse not good as an ingestable and would have too be removed as a drug or beverage... and we see all day on tv experimental drugs...legalize marijuana for cryin out load its not going away no matter what you try.
this is a fact of time that you will see... and as for alcohol and cigerettes they should be at least regulated by the F.D.A. like everything ingestable now you know.

Michael Cano said...

The Obama Administration is taking the war on drugs to far, they are going into states where medical marijuana is legal and putting people in prison. Our rights as american citizens is being disrespected. Marijuana is by far the most healthy natural substance out there. There are no deaths from marijuana but yet tobacco leads deaths today and is perfectly legal. Alcohol during prohibition caused violence to rise similar to the prohibition of marijuana. The cannibinoid system studys shows marijuana is good for medical reasons. And if it isnt why is marinol legal thc is in that what gets you high in marijuana. But yet our government has that legal because marijuana can be grown anywhere just about. Marijuana is not a drug it is a natural medicine. The war on drugs is a failure, Crimes rised, marijuana easier to get then alcohol being that its illegal.