Monday, March 16, 2009

Men of Reason debuts: Mat Marshall's new blog

... in which he explains his take on atheism, and presumably a few other subjects.

Mat is a gifted writer and a logical thinker, and I think it will be interesting to watch his intellectual growth over the next few years.

I do have one caution, Mat. High school and college are decades away from me now. About five or six years ago I chanced on a box containing some of my old essays and papers from the period. Fortunately, nobody else had seen them and I was able to dispense with them before anyone did.

You, however, have chosen to live your intellectual life's story as an open book to be cached on somebody's personal computer.

I can almost certainly assure you that you're going to regret this, one day.

Visit Mat here, and read his take on life, the world, and all things evolutionary and (sac)religious.

You will also find him in the blogroll at left.

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