Thursday, March 26, 2009

Breaking : House Passes H.B. 5

After 40 minutes of debate the Delaware House passed H.B. 5 by a vote of 26-14-1.

Listen to the debate :

[Thanks to Mike Matthews at DWA for hosting the audio.]

Notable are the differences between the House and the Senate, as far as what century and mindset in which they seem to exist.

For example, I listened (and now you can too) to the House audio webcast the entire debate over an expansion of civil protections for non-heterosexual citizens, and then pass it nearly 2 to 1.

In contrast, the Senate debated changing our constitution to ensure rights are denied to entire categories of couples by banning any legal union for anyone but heterosexuals and, lust like a century ago, this important debate was neither broadcast nor recorded, and privy only to those physically in attendance.

Thankfully the social "conservative" Senate stalwarts, many of whom have long had a death grip on the Democrat Senate, could not muster enough to stop the rest of the senators from doing the right thing by defeating the misguided legislative monstrosity in S.B. 27.

Unfortunately the senate stalwarts may have their revenge, bottling up the freshly-passed H.B. they have for nearly a decade worth of General Assemblies.

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