Monday, March 16, 2009

Spin Machine Update : Obama To Put Aside "Fixing the Worst Economic Crisis Since the Great Depression" to Appear on the Tonight Show

Flying to Los Angeles on the taxpayer dime, appearing on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno must be part of Obama's master scheme to "fix" the economy and otherwise illuminate the world with his supernatural charisma.

Gosh, it's great to know this president has his priorities straight. After all, without regular doses of ostentatious public adulation and adoration, he might become dispirited and then, of course, the country would implode into a giant smoking crater.

No need for any hard-hitting interviews with real questions, for which answers can't be rolled up on a teleprompter. I can only imagine what slobbering and suck-upping we will see from Leno, along with quite inane little anecdotes from Obama about life in the White House, the continuing search for a first dog, his basketball interludes, blah blah blah, ad pukum.

President Obama is heading back to the late-night circuit, with an appearance on "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno" set for this week.

The president is flying out Wednesday to Los Angeles where he is expected to join up with Leno, though it's unclear whether his appearance will be live or pre-taped.

Obama and GOP rival John McCain were frequent talk-show and late-night guests during the presidential campaign last year.

Though the president is taking time this week for a little levity, he's now in the midst of a new campaign to convince Congress and American taxpayers to support his $3.6 trillion proposed budget for the next fiscal year.

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